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Yintai in77 sets consecutive one-day sales records over the National Day Golden Week holiday period
Release Date:October 4,2020
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It’s just midway through the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Golden Week holiday period, and in77 has already witnessed outstanding retail performance, with average daily foot traffic of more than 400,000 persons. What is more impressive are the consecutive one-day sales records, with sales increasing by more than 50% over the same period last year!





This positive result is directly linked to in77’s ability to continually surprise its customers with fresh new content. On the eve of the Golden Week holiday, more than 20 brand stores at in77, including newly opened Happy Rich Tea Restaurant, and Da Si Lu Ch, and others at Basement 1 of Zones B and D spruced themselves up to welcome visitors. Large-scale roadshows were staged. In particular, Lanc?me spent millions on its Absolue Rose Exhibition, enthralling Hangzhou with a sea of roses, with renowned actress Yu Feihong (Faye Yu) gracing the event. The grand opening of Fresh Wild Lab’s pop-up store featured blind box machines with nationwide limited editions of Wang Yuan’s (Roy Wang) autographed letterings. On October 7, MGP will present an art extravaganza showcasing Chinese fashion.



Yintai in77’s annual hallmark event featuring national-style Han culture was further enhanced this year. During the Golden Week holiday period, Dunhuang’s cave paintings and apsara dance were jointly presented by in77 and Dunhuang Museum for the first time in Hangzhou so that visitors could fully experience the charm of the Chinese culture.




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