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Tourist traffic continues to rebound at Yintai Tourism scenic spots over the National Day Golden Week holiday period
Release Date:October 9,2020
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During the eight-day Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Golden Week holiday period, all the scenic spots under Yintai Tourism saw tourist traffic continue to rebound, thanks to the adoption of various measures such as safety precautions, safety hazard checks and enhanced security, which helped ensure that the scenic spots were run smoothly and in an orderly manner.



Tourist traffic continues to rebound at Yintai Tourism scenic spots



Zhejiang Fangyan Scenic Area welcomed more than 10,000 visitors in a single day, a new peak since the pandemic began.



The myriad of exciting and interesting activities in the scenic areas garnered positive reviews from visitors across the country.

The public security, administrative law enforcement, traffic police and other outsourced units helped safeguard the scenic areas on site so that key human traffic areas were rigorously controlled, ensuring smooth passage, as well as public order and stability. The staff at the scenic areas formulated a comprehensive range of measures from prevention and control to emergency response, taking temperatures, checking health codes and carrying out registration, standing ready at all times to activate the emergency isolation plan should the need arise. Daily tourist traffic was controlled at not more than 75% of the maximum number of tourist admission to ensure a safe and comfortable tourism environment for visitors.
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