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Saluting our frontline park rangers!
Release Date:October 13,2020
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On October 13, Yintai Group Founder and Chairman Mr. Shen Guojun, who is also the Founder and Honorary Chairman of Yintai Foundation, and Executive Chairman of The Paradise International Foundation, joined eight directors of The Paradise International Foundation on a trip to inspect Jilin Xianghai National Nature Reserve.


The directors extended their greetings and respect to nature reserve park rangers, who have worked steadfastly on the front lines. After listening to a report on work at the nature reserve, they inspected the poverty alleviation project in the community neighboring the reserve, and experienced firsthand work as park rangers and protecting red-crown cranes at the reserve.


Yintai Foundation and The The Paradise International Foundation have always collaborated in ecological and environmental protection. At end-2016, work at Xianghai National Nature Reserve commenced officially. After two years of conservation, red-crowned cranes, which had been absent from Xianghai for a decade, returned to breed at the wetlands in 2018.

Nature reserves are wildlife sanctuaries, and are the most effective way of maintaining the ecosystem. On these reserves, many frontline park rangers work day and night, come rain or shine, to protect the wildlife (animals and plants alike) within. Let us salute our frontline park rangers again!

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