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Beijing Yintai Centre holds window art exhibition
Release Date:October 16,2020
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Beijing Yintai Centre recently held a window art exhibition jointly with DEMOROOM. Themed “Landscape Dreams”, the exhibition featured digital collage artist Zhang Yinan. Transcending the limitations of two-dimensional space, the art pieces are a collision of medieval painting elements and modern electronic games presented in a way that is both conflicting and integrated, affording viewers, who must adapt to an ever-changing contemporary society, a sensory experience of “crisscrossing parallel space and time”.


The window art pieces combine classic visual images of different eras and different civilizations in the current space and time, and present handicraft-imbued images using modern digital collage and overlapping graffiti artistic expressions.


Figurative forms connect nostalgic artistic elements to contemporary pop culture. Breaking away from traditional cultural background, these classic images are given different significance under a mode of constantly altering shapes.



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