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Shen Guojun attends Hupan University’s 5th school anniversary and campus relocation activities
Release Date:October 22,2020
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Hupan University celebrated the 5th anniversary of its founding and officially commissioned its new campus on October 20, The University was jointly founded by nine renowned entrepreneurs and scholars, namely, Liu Chuanzhi, Jack Ma, Feng Lun, Guo Guangchang, Shi Yuzhu, Shen Guojun, Qian Yingyi, Cai Hongbin, and Shao Xiaofeng. It aims to discover and train entrepreneurs with an entrepreneurial spirit who uphold the nation and family sentiments, and are socially accountable. President Jack Ma said that “Hupan University will last for 300 years”, and hoped that it will nurture more than 3,000 renowned entrepreneurs in the next 30 years, steadfastly safeguard its bottom line, improve society and promote progress.


As a founding director of Hupan University, Yintai Group Founder and Chairman Shen Guojun has lectured at Hupan University on numerous occasions. He has shared and exchanged his business ideas and inspirations accumulated over the years with the students there, offering advice and recommendations for the running and management of the school. On the 5th school anniversary, Yintai Foundation donated RMB50 million to the University, actively supporting future campus construction and academic research development.

Hupan University advocates that its students “never graduate”. All alumni are joint builders of the school. All students who successfully defend their thesis will be presented with “Ginkgo Certificate”, and will have their own ginkgo tree in the new university campus. One of the 5th anniversary activities entailed the first board of directors of the University as well as all the students from the first to the third batches planting ginkgo trees bearing their own names. Through this, Hupan University hopes that its students will have greater social accountability, shoulder their mission, uphold the entrepreneurial spirit and make greater contributions to society.


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