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The 2020 General Meeting of The Paradise International Foundation
Release Date:October 24,2020
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The General Meeting of The Paradise International Foundation (PIF) was held online simultaneously in Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing on October 23. Jack Ma and Pony Ma, joint-Chairs of the Board of PIF, Shen Guojun, Founder and Chairman of Yintai Foundation as well as Executive Chairman of PIF, and 44 key Board members attended the meeting. Representatives from the enterprises of the Board members as well as partners were also invited to the meeting.


This is the fifth year of the founding of PIF, and Executive Chairman Shen reviewed PIF’s management model over the last five years. The Board presented five-year outstanding contribution awards to 17 members, including Shen.



Yintai Group has always adhered to the basic principle of coordinated environmental and economic development, and has actively promoted the development of strategic public-interest undertakings based on the concept of shared value and platform. The Group will continue to work together with PIF in the future to explore and innovate ways and means to protect the natural environment, and will together promote the development of environmental conservation public interest undertakings.

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