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Overall Plan for Tourism at Yanmen Pass Scenic Area (2020-2035) has been approved
Release Date:November 12,2020
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At the 89th Executive Meeting of the Shanxi provincial government held on November 10, the Overall Plan for Tourism at Yanmen Pass Scenic Area (2020-2035) was approved.

The Overall Plan for Tourism at Yanmen Pass Scenic Area (2020-2035) carries out the strategic plan to construct a Great Wall culture park and the three major sectors of tourism in Shanxi. With development as the goal, and taking into consideration the realities of the preservation of the Yanmen Pass Scenic Area and tourism development, the resource-based and market-oriented plan clarifies: (i) the direction of the preservation, utilization and development of the Great Wall in the scenic area; (ii) the scenic area’s development goals and positioning; (iii) the scenic area’s tourism product development strategy; (iv) the scenic area’s tourism project and infrastructure construction plans; and (v) the implementation steps and administrative measures for the development and construction of the scenic area. Its aim is to transform Yanmen Pass Scenic Area from a sightseeing scenic area into a tourism destination with cultural experience, and to move from an extensive scenic area to a quality cultural tourism destination, thus creating a model for high-quality integrated cultural and tourism development at the national level. It also aims to build a world-renowned, first class local, and leading Shanxi quality cultural tourism brand.

Shanxi Yanmen Pass Scenic Area, operated and managed by Yintai Tourism, is a State 5A-class scenic spot. The Yanmen Pass section of the Great Wall is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a major historical and cultural site protected at the national level. Located in Dai County, Xinzhou, Shanxi Province, Yanmen Pass is one of the famous “Three Outer Passes” of the Great Wall (i.e. Yanmen, Ningwu and Piantou passes). Its unique frontier landscape and rich Great Wall cultural implications are favored by and popular among domestic and foreign visitors.


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