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Beijing Yintai Centre home to integrated exhibition space for Chinese art
Release Date:December 10,2020
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【YUAN LIVING 源】, a brand new living aesthetic space jointly launched by Beijing Yintai Centre and Yuan Museum, was officially opened to the public on December 9. The space aims to bring a high quality integrated lifestyle experience to both consumers and art connoisseurs by integrating art, design, business and living. This is the first time that an integrated exhibition space based on Chinese art and design has been established in the local international luxury brand scene.



It is understood that 【YUAN LIVING 源】is a high-end multi-designer-brand store, and all its home furnishings, which are presented in scenario-based artistic commercial settings, are from Chinese designers. The space showcases Chinese contemporary art and designer works through a collection of designer brand furniture, clothing, jewelry, implements and gallery art pieces.





As a brand new lifestyle aesthetic space, Beijing Yintai Centre hopes to build 【YUAN LIVING 源】 into a high-end hub for artistic furnishings and art appreciation in China so that Chinese consumers will come to appreciate the artistic and commercial values in a designer brand. Going forward, Beijing Yintai Centre will further elevate consumer experience by developing quality art spaces to help create a better artistic atmosphere in the CBD area.

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