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Bank of Hangzhou Consumer Finance ranks among the “Top 10 Consumer Finance Companies of the Year”
Release Date:December 10,2020
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Yicai Media Group released its “CHINA Financial Value Ranking” (CFV) recently. Subjected to a rigorous, objective and authoritative appraisal mechanism, Bank of Hangzhou Consumer Finance Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as BHCF), on the basis of comprehensive strength and positive public praise, was included among the “Top 10 Consumer Finance Companies of the Year”.


The ranking is calculated based on the complete set of annual data for 2019. By way of asset size and profitability, key indicators such as registered capital, total assets, operating revenue, loans outstanding, net profit, and net profit growth are graded and ranked. In addition, investment in technology, proportion of technology personnel, number of patents, size of the risk management and control team, risk management and control model, and other indicators are taken into consideration on an incomplete basis. The list of candidates comprising 30 licensed consumer finance companies are then ranked, and 10 consumer finance companies with the most outstanding comprehensive performance are chosen.

BHCF is a nationwide financial institution approved by China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission with a consumer finance license. It is jointly established by a number of well-known enterprises including Bank of Hangzhou, Yintai Group and one of Europe’s top commercial banks, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA). Centered on “data, scenarios, risk management and control, and technology”, the company leverages cutting-edge internet technology such as big data, AI and cloud computing to explore new consumer finance models to provide efficient, convenient, fast, comprehensive, and reliable financial services to consumers nationwide.

Since its founding, BHCF has grown rapidly, and its reputation in the industry as well as brand awareness have been effectively manifested. The company has grown by more than 150% per year for three consecutive years, and has stable and good quality assets. Its NPL ratio is generally lower than the industry average, and key risk indicators are in line with regulatory requirements.

Going forward, BHCF will continue to harness fintech to help build social credit infrastructure to offer quality financial services to more consumers so as to actively promote domestic consumption upgrading and economic transformation.

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