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Two government departments reply to Shen Guojun’s proposals submitted at the 2020 NPC and CPPCC
Release Date:December 11,2020
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The State Taxation Administration (STA) and Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM) recently replied to the proposals Shen Guojun submitted at the 2020 NPC and CPPCC. Shen is a CPPCC National Committee member, and Founder and Chairman of Yintai Group.

In particular, STA, in its reply to Shen’s Proposal for Providing Further Support for Private Enterprise Development, Consolidating the “Employment-Consumption” Chain, and Promoting Economic Recovery, stated that it would continue to implement policies effectively, and ensure that qualified enterprises benefit fully from preferential policies. In conjunction with other relevant departments, it would also guide local governments to implement policies effectively, actively connect, and serve competently so that more qualified enterprises would benefit from policy support, thus helping enterprises tide through difficult times. Next, STA will work together with the Ministry of Finance to study preferential tax policies to support employment.

As regards Shen’s Proposal for Enhancing National Emergency Response Capabilities and Establishing an Emergency Rescue Unit in Due Course, MEM, in its official reply to the proposed recommendations, said that it would enhance top-level design, make overall planning scientifically, coordinate and advance systematically, and accelerate the building of an emergency management policy system with Chinese characteristics. At the same time, it would work together with the relevant departments to further improve social strength and market participation mechanisms to encourage and support public involvement, in all aspects, in normal disaster mitigation, emergency rescue, transition resettlement, restoration and reconstruction, and other related tasks. It would also enhance the roles of insurance and other market mechanisms in the areas of risk prevention, loss compensation, restoration and reconstruction, and build a social disaster prevention, mitigation and rescue structure that would involve all-round participation.

Since assuming the role of a CPPCC National Committee member, Shen has always kept his responsibilities in mind and earnestly performed his duties. He has submitted proposals focused on the central tasks of the Party and the government, offered advice and suggestions on national development and reform as well as social stability, and provided references for government decision-making. He has submitted proposals pertaining to economic and social development, SME development, ecological and environmental preservation, and other relevant issues at the CPPCC for many consecutive years. At the 2019 NPC and CPPCC, the proposals he submitted attracted the attention of the media and the relevant departments, and a heated debate ensued. In particular, the Proposal for Intensifying Efforts to Reduce or Exempt Real Estate Tax for Business Properties was adopted by the Central Committee of China Zhigong Party and the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, while the Proposal for Enhancing the Conservation Easement for Natural Resources was endorsed by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

As a member of the CPPCC National Committee, Shen said that he should earnestly serve as the bridge and link between the government and the people, and the government and enterprises, convey the voice of frontline businesses, conscientiously perform the responsibilities that the Party and government assigned him, and promote innovative and sound industry growth.

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