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Beijing CBD Public Culture Development Expert Committee appoints Shen Guojun as think-tank expert
Release Date:December 12,2020
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On December 11, the inauguration ceremony of the Beijing CBD Public Culture Development Expert Committee and the CBD Public Culture Development Roundtable Conference were successfully held at Zhengda Center. The 2nd CBD Art Season commenced at the same time. Yintai Group Founder and Chairman Shen Guojun attended the event, and was appointed a think-tank expert of the Beijing CBD Public Culture Development Expert Committee.


This Roundtable Conference focused on “the mutualism and symbiosis between public art and public space”, and explored the strategic thinking of public art promoted by CBD in the context of the building of the “two zones”. The consensus view at the conference was that this was the right time for CBD to develop public culture. In the context of the pilot Free Trade Zone and the Comprehensive Demonstration Zone for Further Opening-up the National Services Sector, CBD should establish a distinctive cultural high ground, take up the responsibility for international cultural exchanges and shoulder the key mission of competing against other international cities on behalf of Beijing.

For this purpose, the Beijing Central Business District Management Committee established the Beijing CBD Public Culture Development Expert Committee. A total of 15 experts, comprising artists and government departments and key buildings and art spaces in the region were invited to serve as the first batch of think-tank experts for the professional committee to help devise the future development path for CBD public culture development. These include artists such as Fan Di’an, President of China Arts Association and President Central Academy of Fine Arts; Li Xiangqun, President of LuXun Academy of Fine Arts and Vice President of China Arts Association; Qian Linxiang, Secretary-General of the National Art Museum Professional Committee; and Zhang Zikang, President of CAFA Art Museum, as well as entities such as Beijing Sculpture Office, CP Group, Dajia Insurance Group, Sino-Ocean Group, Yintai Group, China World Trade Center Co., Ltd., and Taikang Life Insurance Group.


As an appointed expert, Shen Guojun said that Yintai Group has always valued larger integration of the arts in business planning, combining art and business, incorporating more fashion elements, and transforming and upgrading the artistic atmosphere in buildings. As a CBD enterprise, Yintai Group will, in accordance with the overall planning of the CBD Public Art Space, actively participate in its building, and will be willing to contribute to the building of the Beijing CBD regional public art exchange sharing platform. With the support of the Chaoyang District Party committee and the district government, it is hoped that improving the development of the CBD can gather pace, management policies pertaining to art trade and distribution be optimized, and the core competitiveness of Beijing CBD, as the international business service segment of the Beijing pilot Free Trade Zone, can be enhanced.

Going forward, Beijing CBD will fully harness the think-tank power of the public art professional committee, and plan and drive the integrated development between regional public art and the public space from a global perspective, promote the advancement and implementation of favorable policies, create more first-mover advantages, and build a high ground for Beijing to open up to the outside world and carry out international cultural exchanges.


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