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A feast for the senses - Dongpo Theatre’s New Year performance series commences
Release Date:December 23,2020
Release Media:977

With the New Year just around the corner, Dongpo Theatre, located at Yintai in77, will feature a variety of exciting musical and theater performances including a classic crosstalk (xiangsheng) play, as well as plays, acrobatic performances, concerts and Shaoxing (Yue) operas.


On December 18, director Stan Lai staged his Millennium Teahouse at Dongpo Theatre. This classic crosstalk play, which features a century of the folk art, officially kicked off the Theatre’s New Year season of performances.


On December 23, The Comedy About A Bank Robbery by Mahua FunAge premiered at Dongpo Theatre. Elsewhere, the classic comedy Hello, Mrs. Money will pay audiences a visit between January 20 and 24.

On January 16, 2021, the audio-visual anime concert Castle in the Sky by Hayao Miyazaki will reawaken the sounds of your childhood dreams, while the Music of the Masters, Evergreen Classics - World Masterpieces 2021 New Year Concert will commence on January 30.


Between January 6 and 17, a series of performances will be staged by Hangzhou Acrobatic Troupe, Hangzhou Dramatic Arts Center, Hangzhou Comic Art Theater, Hangzhou Shaoxing Opera Heritage Society and Hangzhou Opera & Dance Drama Theater. These will include the acrobatic magic sitcom Yi Jiangnan, a play adapted from the classic English comedy Funny Money by Ray Cooney, period comedy The Flirtatious Scholar, classic Shaoxing operas Dream of the Red Chamber and A Strand of Hemp, a night of comic folk musical theater Comic Joy, and Spring Fantasy, a concert by Xizi Guoyue.

Dongpo Theatre will actively introduce more outstanding content, and a more diverse range of performance formats in 2021 so that audiences can enjoy a larger variety of quality performances.


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