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Yintai Gold wins 2020 “Gold Quality” Award for corporate governance
Release Date:December 28,2020
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The “2020 Forum on High-Quality Development of Listed Companies” cum “Golden Quality Award” ceremony organized by Shanghai Securities News was held in Shanghai on December 23, 2020. Comprehensive and sound corporate governance won Yintai Gold the 2020 “Gold Quality” Award for corporate governance.


The theme of the 2020 Forum was “Building a new development landscape and transmitting market-oriented energy”, with focus on key topics such as high-quality development, capital market reform, and technology innovation. The “Gold Quality” Award for corporate governance is one of the key awards of the award ceremony. Good governance practice was the core assessment criteria, and reflected the approval of investors, regulators and society.

In recent years, Yintai Gold has bolstered its supervision as well as checks and balances, enhanced operational transparency, and continued to upgrade the level of standard operations. This has led to an improving corporate governance structure. Going forward, Yintai Gold will continue to adhere to the mission of “serving society and giving back to shareholders”. Founded on good corporate governance, it will achieve high-quality growth on the back of exogenous and endogenous growth, and spare no effort in becoming a major listed company of influence in the domestic resources sector, creating more value for shareholders and actively giving back to society.

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