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We salute 2020 as we march boldly into 2021!
Release Date:December 31,2020
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As a cold front sweeps across China, we bid farewell to 2020.

This was destined to be an extraordinary year: The sudden outbreak of COVID-19, a harsh external environment, a sharp downturn in the industrial markets, adversely-affected economic growth ......

In a harsh and complex environment filled with uncertainty, everyone was looking for an answer that could be recorded in the history books.

During the year, the Yintai team put universal love and responsibility into practice. Whether in shopping centers or construction sites, remote mines or scenic spots, working steadfastly at the work place or working from home, the perseverance and self-discipline of every Yintai staff member came together to generate a constant source of power to combat COVID-19, and to resume production and work.

During the year, we witnessed self-discipline and unity. We let go of separation and resignation, and came to better appreciate blessings and happiness. We are grateful for steadfast duty and count our blessings. We are thankful for not abandoning dedication and perseverance. More importantly, we want to thank ourselves and our team for venturing into markets and forging ahead to seek more development ideas and possibilities.

Time passes silently with the rising and setting of the sun. Each day appears to bear similar imprints, but they all offer answers to all our questions.

To possess something beautiful, we believe that we must be diligent and assiduous, improve ourselves, and seek new experiences and change.

We aspire to great things, and each success is a new beginning. Risks remain a constant challenge but offers opportunities within!

At the start of the New Year, let us salute those who were resolute and confronted all the challenges and adversity head-on in 2020.

New challenges abound in the future but we march forward boldly without hesitation!

Though the storm has yet to pass, our aspirations are boundless. Let us rise to the challenge and forge ahead in 2021!

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