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Yanmen Pass Scenic Area now a member of China Tourist Attractions Association
Release Date:January 7,2021
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Yintai Tourism’s Yanmen Pass Scenic Area has recently received official approval to become a member of China Tourist Attractions Association.


The Scenic Area is a key component of the Great Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a major historical and cultural site protected at the national level, as well as a State 5A-class scenic spot. It has been awarded titles such as “Best cultural tourist destination in China” and “Shanxi Top 10 Tourist Brand”, and has been dubbed the “First Pass of China”.

China Tourist Attractions Association (CTAA) is a nationwide tourist attractions industry association made up of various types of tourist attractions and their relevant enterprises, as well as social groups which have joined on a fair and voluntary basis. The Association is comprised of high-profile and influential 4A and 5A tourist attractions as well as influential and renowned up- and downstream enterprises in the industry that serve tourist attractions.

Becoming an official member of CTAA not only reflects the significant attention Yanmen Pass Scenic Area has garnered among the Chinese tourism industry as well as the recognition its industry peers has accorded to it, it has also sharply boosted the popularity and brand influence of the Scenic Area. Going forward, Yanmen Pass Scenic Area will further strengthen its corporate self-discipline, and work diligently to enhance its service quality. It will shoulder its responsibility to promote and safeguard the sound development of the industry, and actively bolster exchange and cooperation among the entities of the Association so as to contribute to a better future for the Chinese tourism industry.

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