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Winners of the 2020 “Star of Yintai” awards
Release Date:January 20,2021
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The winners of the 2020 “Star of Yintai” award were announced recently after meticulous screening. Five awards - Team with Outstanding Contribution, Best Business Support Team, Best Employee Award, Best Management Award, and Innovation Award - were presented to the best teams and employees.

In particular, the zinc polymetallic ore exploration project of Yulong Mining, a Yintai Gold company, won the award for “Team with Outstanding Contribution”, while the award for “Best Business Support Team” went to the legal affairs department of Yintai Group’s head office. One employee each from Yintai Group’s head office and Ningbo Yintai received the “Best Employee Award”, while one employee each from Yintai Land and Ruijing AMC won the “Best Management Award”. Meanwhile, two employees, one each from Yintai Retails and Yintai Gold received the “Innovation Award”.

Against the general backdrop of the pandemic in 2020, everyone in Yintai worked together with a common purpose. Our staff continued to rigorously implement COVID-19 prevention and control measures on the one hand, and worked diligently to ensure that production and business operations were carried out competently and efficiently, on the other. That the aforesaid teams and individuals were able to achieve outstanding performance on the basis of carrying out their duties competently despite intensified challenges in the market environment was no mean feat.

Gold is purified by the refiner’s fire. Our ability to respond to crisis is best honed during challenging environments. This year’s awards carry a deeper layer of significance.

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