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Enjoy warmth all around you while celebrating the Lunar New Year locally
Release Date:February 9,2021
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With the pandemic still ongoing, many have decided to stay put after much thought. “Celebrating the New Year locally” has become de rigueur for this year’s Spring Festival.


Unlike last year’s New Year which was spent in a lockdown, there is plenty you can do this year: shopping at the malls, praying for blessings at the temples in the scenic areas, soaking in the atmosphere at the pedestrian street districts and watching performances steeped in Spring Festival tradition ......


Still, feeling the New Year holiday mood at the shopping malls also implies that many have given up the opportunity to reunite with their families and choose to stand fast at their posts.


“Stay and celebrate the New Year with us.” That’s the message Yintai Retails is sending to its tenants before the Spring Festival: It's urging its tenants to stay “Open for the 2021 Spring Festival”, and to better serve shoppers during this festive period. It aims to kick-start the Year of the Ox with a brand new attitude by encouraging local consumers to have a happy Lunar New Year, and non-locals to feel the warmth of their “second home” as they celebrate this important festival away from home.

This year, 180 construction workers working on the construction site of Yintai Land’s Tonglu Intime City will stay and continue to work.

5.jpgWhile ensuring good services are offered to customers, Yintai is also making sure that staff salaries and overtime wages are promptly disbursed. It is also giving out festival benefits and offering TLC to its staff who are staying at their posts, so that they have ease of mind while busy serving customers.

Yintai Gold’s Jilin Banmiaozi Mining Company has specially prepared local delicacies, reunion dinner and other welfare activities so that non-local employees can feel the warmth of home despite spending Lunar New Year away from home.

Dong’an Gold Mine has actively encouraged its employees to stay and spend the Spring Festival locally. Local employees and those whose homes are in low-risk regions are allowed to take leave to return home for the Festival on condition that their posts are operating normally.

All the scenic areas under Yintai Tourism are providing customized goody bags, admission discounts and Spring Festival benefits, among others, during the festive period. In particular, Yintai Tourism’s Xikou Scenic Area, the leading scenic area of the Ningbo Fenghua tourism industry, has launched a “Xikou wants you for the New Year” event.



Wherever you are, having the warmth of home around you and spending a happy and an auspicious Lunar New Year with good expectations is what you and I aspire to; it is also the well wishes of all Yintai staff!


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