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Ring in the New Year with joyful celebration. Happy Spring Festival, Yintai’ers!
Release Date:February 10,2021
Release Media:927


Quietly, the Spring Festival has arrived.


Every non-local Is looking forward to

returning home for the celebrations


Given the ongoing pandemic,

and to have better reunions in the future,

many have chosen to celebrate the Lunar New Year locally.


Many Yintai’ers have remained as well,

ensuring quality service and experience for all during the festive period,

delivering on Yintai’s promise ——


During the Spring Festival,

every Yintai shopping center

is fully stocked with goods to help you celebrate the New Year in style.

At each construction site,

roaring machines ensure that work is on track.

At each scenic area,

improving services underpin an enjoyable experience.

At each remote mining area,

warmth abounds.

We take this opportunity to wish our family and friends a Happy Spring Festival!

With light in your heart, there is infinite hope.

We’ll reunite when the flowers bloom!


Ring in the New Year with joyful celebration.

Here’s wishing all Yintai’ers a Happy Spring Festival and an auspicious Year of the Ox!

And to non-locals, all the best in this Year of the Ox!


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