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Mobile COVID-19 vaccination points set up at Beijing Yintai Centre
Release Date:March 4,2021
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Beijing Yintai Centre, among one of the first group of office towers in the Chaoyang District of Beijing to set up vaccination points, began offering vaccination services officially on March 2, benefiting over 3,000 corporate employees.


The vaccination zone comprises an interim lounge, information registration area, a vaccination lounge, vaccination area, an observation area and emergency room. Staff were present at each entry point to provide guidance so as to facilitate vaccination for the corporate staff in the building.


“There are five vaccination rooms in the vaccination zone, each with a locker so that those who are here for the vaccination can place their jackets. There are 150 seats in the observation area. Indoor washrooms, changing rooms for the medical staff, and designated medical waste disposal bins are also available making it convenient for both medical staff and those who are here for the vaccination.” According to the relevant person in charge at Beijing Yintai Property Co., Ltd., the mobile vaccination zone was originally a venue for events and film exhibitions, but has now been converted into a vaccination zone according to safety standards. A total of approximately 3,000 staff working in Beijing Yintai Centre require vaccination.


In the pricey Beijing CBD, finding a vaccination spot that met the requirements was no mean feat. “The size of the venue was just one aspect. Safety is the key issue. We had to divide the functional areas, and meet one-way traffic requirements while ensuring that the surveillance equipment has full coverage.” Zeng Lin, Deputy Secretary of Jianguomen Outer Street in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, said that they have been busy visiting different areas over the last two months to select venues. The enterprises under its jurisdiction were particularly enthusiastic and quickly made space for a vaccination zone upon receiving notification. They also deployed personnel and supplies as well. “The enterprises under our jurisdiction have a strong sense of responsibility, and have truly reflected the philosophy of building together and sharing.”


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