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Yintai Tourism’s Xikou Nationalist era street project listed among distinctive neighborhoods in Ningbo
Release Date:March 31,2021
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Ningbo recently released a number of key development projects to promote the city, including “Quintessential Routes”, “Distinctive Neighborhoods” and “Highlight Projects”. In particular, Yintai Group’s Xikou Nationalist era street was included in the list of distinctive neighborhoods in Ningbo, and together with the former Jiang residence scenic area, and Xikou Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area, one of the five sacred Buddhist mountains, have been included as key tourist spots in the list of “famous mountain scenic routes” in Ningbo’s Fenghua District.


The Nationalist era street project is a brand new integrated commercial, cultural and tourist attraction jointly developed by Yintai Tourism and Xikou Tourism Group. Located in Xikou town, Fenghua District, it is the first Nationalist themed immersive, interactive and experiential commercial, cultural and tourist attraction in mainland China.

Capitalizing on the Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area and the former Jiang residence, a historical and cultural site, the project has restored Grand Shanghai architecture during the Nationalist era on 1:1 scale. By leveraging its unique architectural landscape, as well as history and culture, it presents all-round elements of the Nationalist era from history, culture and the arts to folk custom and community life. It has also creatively introduced many business heavyweights to build a specialty tourism town with a full range of activities, in-depth experiences, cultural integration, and excellent services so that visitors can enjoy a year-round, systematic and landmark integrated tourist destination in a unique setting.

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