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The live broadcast room of Beijing Yintai Centre, a novel channel to experience the life at Beijing CBD
Release Date:April 7,2021
Release Media:787

“How does it feel to work at Beijing Yintai Centre?”

Recently, many office workers in the China World Trade Center witnessed the live broadcast show held by Beijing Yintai Centre. While most live broadcasts are carried out to boost sales, this show aimed to show the daily working life at Beijing Yintai Centre, a super-A office building located in the core area of Beijing's CBD.


Beijing Yintai Centre launched its first live broadcast show, Life in Beijing, through WeChat Channels on March 26. Led by the MC, the audience was enabled to enjoy the office buildings, commercial spaces, hotels, restaurants, Park Hyatt Beijing, and other areas of Beijing Yintai Centre from the inside, catching a glimpse into the working environment and life of the professional elites working at Yintai Centre.

As requested by the audience, the second live broadcast, The Life I Want, was held on April 2nd with shop visits and in-depth discussions, through which a better understanding of Yintai Centre has formed. While touring around, the MCs talked about the thought-provoking issues that the young people concerned about, such as their work, dreams, and life in Beijing.


As one of the landmark buildings in Beijing CBD, Beijing Yintai Centre has been the top choice for high-end businesses and a favored destination for high-level recreation since its completion. Going forward, Beijing Yintai Centre will launch more live broadcasts to present the additional features and highlights of this well-known complex. Please follow our WeChat Channel at bjytzx20081018 for more interesting content.

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