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Beijing Yintai Centre participates in the compilation of "The Almanac of Beijing CBD”
Release Date:April 9,2021
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The editorial board of "The Almanac of Beijing CBD” held its first meeting on April 9. At the meeting, the project was officially launched with its outline approved. Beijing Yintai Centre will participate in the compilation of the Almanac as a member of the editing committee.

Cui Xiaohao, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Chaoyang District Party Committee, Executive Deputy Head of the Chaoyang District, and Director of the Beijing CBD Management Committee, attended and delivered a speech. Zhang Hengbin, deputy director of CPC Beijing Municipal Party History Office and Municipal Local Chronicle Office, attended the meeting and provided instructions. Yang Hua, director of the Innovation and Development Research Center of China Media Group, Beijing Yintai Centre, and other members of the editing committee of the Alamanac, attended the meeting.

The Alamanac is a grand annual publication that reflects the status quo and developments of Beijing CBD on a yearly basis, with major events that took place in the CBD in the previous year and relevant documents being recorded.

The first issue will focus on the achievements made in the year 2020, yet a special essay on the history of the Beijing CBD will be included. The beautifully illustrated 400-page book will be printed in color. In addition to the selected pictures shown on the first pages of the Alamanac, you can also find other pictures throughout the book. The Alamanac comprises various columns, such as color pages, Overview, Special Articles, Special Essays, Memorabilia, Planning and Construction, Industrial Development, Commercial Real Estate Economy, Brand Building, Party Building, Talents Development, Functional Area Construction, Statistics, and Appendices.

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