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Chengdu Yintai Center in99 continues to record firsts as its brand upgrades garner great attention in various circles
Release Date:April 16,2021
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The National Geographic exhibition showcasing classic photos from the US magazine recently opened at Chengdu Yintai Center in99. Besides being the first time that the exhibition is shown in southwest China in 2021, the Chengdu leg boasts of a number of superlatives, including the largest venue in the global tour to date (with an exhibition area of nearly 1,100 square meters), the first time the full set of 130 works is put on display, the longest photo (5.8 meters), and the first time a panoramic display area is included.


The event hit the ground running, garnering great attention in various circles, and on-site ticket sales and sales of peripheral products broke records on the very first day, generating online word-of-mouth hype for in99 on platforms such as Xiaohongshu (RED) and Moments.

Since its large-scale brand upgrades last year, in99 has been achieving a number of "firsts" and "mosts", garnering growing attention and popularity. With a host of big-name fashion brands such as Tiffany & Co., alexanderwang (the brand's first store in southwest China), Vivienne Westwood (the brand's first store in Chengdu) , Balenciaga, Maison Margiela, and Burberry moving in en masse, it has been seeing growing customer traffic as its trendy and luxury factor becomes increasingly prominent.



Since entering 2021, in99 has been maintaining its strong pace of store openings.

Its first-floor luxury boutiques now include Vivienne Westwood (the brand's first store in Chengdu) and Maison Margiela (the brand's largest store in China), as well as multi-brand store I.T which features high-end fashion, designer and streetwear brands such as ACNE STUDIOS, THOM BROWNE、OFF-WHITE、PLAY COMME DES GARCONES.



In99's upgraded high-end cosmetics area will reopen in the second quarter of this year, and in99's children-centric offerings have been enhanced with the successive entry of children's brands such as moimoln and Little MO&Co.

In terms of the optimization of its food and beverage business, in99 will strengthen its "social"attributes by adjusting its food and beverage categories with "trendy and luxury" as the overall tone, and offer brands that meet the needs of its target customers. Newcomers on its first floor include the highly popular healthy food eatery chains Vintage Element Fresh (the chain's first store in Chengdu) and wagas. They will soon be joined by other highly anticipated tenants which include Yuebaiwei and Summer Flowers.

In99 is displaying new vitality with its brand upgrades, and its customer traffic is constantly growing. Going forward, its customers can expect more surprises and delightful experiences as more upgrades are completed.
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