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The countdown to the opening of Xikou Wulingfang begins with the official entry of anchor brands
Release Date:April 19,2021
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“A Century in A Glance, Unbounded Modernity”. Yintai Tourism’s Xikou Wulingfang recently held a joint branding conference cum welcoming ceremony for anchor brands, and the attendees included many time-honored Chinese brands from across the country and nearly 200 well-established brands in the cultural and tourism field.


Renovation work has officially begun for many anchor brands at the project, such as Kaiyuan Hotel, Atour, Dongfuyuan, and Songshengyuan. This signifies that the countdown to the opening of Xikou Wulingfang has officially begun, and that the project has moved from the stage of brand invitation to the final preparation stage of design and renovation works.

Located within the Xikou Scenic Area in Ningbo and with a GFA of about 150,000 square meters, Xikou Wulingfang is an immersive, interactive and experiential theme park based on the Nationalist era in China.


In addition to the unique cultural and architectural landscape, the multi-format experience and panoramic performing arts activities offered at the park promise endless fun and entertainment. The complex features folk performances, light shows, creative markets, cultural performances, family interactions, scenario experiences, education in traditional Chinese culture, specialty lodging, themed restaurants, experiential retail, art exhibitions, and local folk handicraft workshops, among others.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, Xikou Wulingfang was selected as a Zhejiang Provincial and Ningbo Municipality Cultural and Creative District in 2020, becoming one of the highly anticipated core projects of the cultural and tourism industry in Ningbo and the Yangtze River Delta.



A variety of unique performances were presented at the joint branding conference cum welcoming ceremony, showcasing the unique “A Century in A Glance” experience offered in the scenic area from multiple dimensions.



Xikou Wulingfang is poised to create a variety of self-operated sightseeing-based and immersive performing arts formats from bottom to top. It will provide visitors with a remote sensing amusement experience by employing story-based reconstruction of scenarios and the local night tour system in Ningbo and in the forms of sound and light interactions and performing arts.

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