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“Urban Confessions” series of exhibitions launched in Beijing Yintai Centre
Release Date:April 21,2021
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The confessions of artists about a city should be romantic, whimsical, fascinating, crazy, ... "Urban Confessions", a series of exhibitions recently curated jointly by Beijing Yintai Centre and Artout Lab uses urban display windows as points of connection to build an artistic bridge in a city.

The "Urban Confessions" series of exhibitions, comprising four parts - "Awakening", "Experimentation", "Exploration" and "Games" - invited artists from different fields to carry out artistic creation in specific display window environments in an urban public space. By exploring the symbiotic relationship between cities, and social groups as well as culture and the arts, the artists re-constructed possible emerging features of contemporary life.


In "Awakening", the first of the series, artists used dreamy colors and naive eccentricity to scrutinize urban realities, creating an isolated utopia by combining 2D paintings with 3D sculptures.



The free-flowing and expansive lines are like articles of lost ancient civilizations, or strange creatures of the future. The individual childlike and adorable entities bring us out of our established urban experiences, and awaken the body's initial memory and self-awareness.



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