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It’s Earth Day. Let’s show how we love planet Earth!
Release Date:April 22,2021
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The 52nd Earth Day has arrived. People around the world express their concern for the environment, ecology and earth in different ways this day each year, but the ultimate essence of creating a healthy environment on earth is by walking the talk over an extended period of time. How have we, at Yintai, showed our love and care for Earth in practice over the years?

Creating green mine benchmarks

The first impression most have when mines are mentioned is that this industry has a significant impact on the environment. At Yintai Gold however, there's a brand new "green" landscape. In 2020, Dong'an Gold Mine established a new objective to "Create a Garden Style Mine", prioritizing environmental protection and safe production. By greening, cleaning, paving, and lighting up, the mine has a brand new look now.


Contributing to ecological restoration

In the process of developing and operating its tourist attractions, Yintai Tourism has always integrated resource development and environmental protection. It remains committed to supporting ecological restoration and conservation, which is evident in its tourism portfolio such as Shanxi Yanmen Pass Scenic Area, Zhejiang Yongkang Fangyan Scenic Area, and Sanya East Long Island.


Embedding waste management into the development DNA of commercial tenants

Domestic waste generated daily have attracted increasing attention because of its sheer size and degradation challenges. Yintai Retails has spared no effort in implementing waste management policies, and continues to explore ways to practice environmental protection in terms of domestic waste management for urban and rural communities.


Green office; environmental protection and energy conservation

The head office and all project companies of Yintai Group encourage their employees to improved their sense of responsibility and environmental protection awareness by starting with little things such as conserving electricity and water, and by promoting a paperless office. The Group has also enhanced the promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection, created a positive environment for a green office, educated employees in working and living in a green low-carbon environment.


"Cherish Earth Harmonious Coexistence between Nature and Humankind" is the promotional theme for Earth Day this year. Nature and humankind are a community of life. Cherishing Earth goes beyond April 22. Let's take note of and practice those little low-carbon things that we can do at random from now on, and safeguard and cherish Earth. Let's take good care of our beautiful home.

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