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Beijing Yintai Centre is now a vaccination “safe building”
Release Date:April 23,2021
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With more than 88.8% of the corporate employees working in the building vaccinated as of today, thanks to multiple measures such as the provision of vaccination stations, Beijing Yintai Centre is now officially listed as a "safe building".


Since March this year, Beijing Yintai Centre, one of the first group of office towers in the Chaoyang District of Beijing to set up vaccination points, has taken the initiative to offer its own premises, set up according to anti-COVID-19 standards, for vaccination services, benefiting over 3,000 corporate employees.


The guidance and dedication of the sub-district office of Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District was integral to Beijing Yintai Centre becoming a "safe building".


The sub-district office implemented a novel "two building inspectors" system, and helped boost enthusiasm for vaccination of those working in the buildings and enterprises by putting up vaccination posters, visiting enterprises, holding forums and posting public notices on WeChat groups. It also enhanced online promotion, and continued to release information about the vaccination status of the district so as to create a strong atmosphere for vaccination.


Beijing Yintai Centre will continue to carry out normalized COVID-19 precautionary work competently under the guidance and help of the sub-district office. Working together with the sub-district office, it will steadfastly uphold COVID-19 precautionary measures and safeguard the safety of the building.

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