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Yintai Group issues 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report on Environmental Protection
Release Date:April 23,2021
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Yintai Group recently issued its 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report on Environmental Protection, which summarized and reviewed its environmental protection practices and the results it achieved in 2020 in terms of green development, green operations and green philanthropy.


In the past year, Yintai Group had implemented its green development philosophy, and by continuously improving its green operating mechanisms, had ensured that green practices were carried out across all its business divisions. Its business operations including Yintai Retails, Yintai Land, Yintai Gold, Yintai Tourism as well as Yintai Investment & Finance, continued to achieve significant results in this regard.

For instance, Yintai Gold promoted the building of garden style green mines; its Dong'an Gold Mine laid lawn of more 8,000 m2, and planted over 10,000 Chinese white pines, as well as seaberry, flowering plum, plum and Chinese pear-leaf crabapple trees. Yintai Tourism's Yanmen Pass Scenic Area prepared an environmental impact report in the Yanmen Pass Scenic Area Tourism Master Plan, providing the basis for effective environmental protection for the development of the scenic area.

Elsewhere, the National Forestry and Grassland Administration issued an official reply to the proposal for legislation governing nature reserves submitted by Shen Guojun, member of the 13th National Committee of the CPPCC and Founder and Chairman of Yintai Group. The official reply stated that the Nature Reserve Law has been included in the secondary legislation program of the 2020 legislation agenda. Meanwhile, the "Blue Pioneers" program for which Yintai Foundation is a participant and sponsor has carried out its fourth consecutive training sessions, helping to develop ocean conservation talent for China.

Yintai Group will actively heed the nation's "carbon neutral" policies in 2021. While taking into account the actual conditions of the Group, it will continue to strengthen its commitment to environmental protection and carry out its social responsibilities to contribute to the building of a good and harmonious home on earth.

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