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Yintai Tourism’s Xikou Scenic Area among Top 10 Smart Digital Scenic Areas in Zhejiang
Release Date:April 25,2021
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Yintai Tourism's Xikou Scenic Area was recently ranked among the "Top 10 Smart Digital Scenic Areas in Zhejiang" in the "Zhejiang Culture and Tourism Top List 2020".


The Top List 2020, guided by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Association and Zhejiang Daily Press Group, and organized by Zhejiang Daily, among others, is compiled by way of public vote, expert review and online publicity. Xikou Scenic Area stood out among 599 projects across Zhejiang Province.

Located in Xikou Town, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, Xikou Scenic Area is a State 5A-class scenic spot. The Scenic Area boasts a series of eight historical attractions including the former Jiang residence and Fenghao House, Xikou Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area (one of the five sacred Buddhist mountains in China), the world's largest seated Maitreya, and other sole nationwide tourism resources, which have long historical origin and deep cultural foundation. It welcomes a few million local and foreign visitors annually.


In recent years, Xikou Scenic Area has actively responded to the call of various levels of government, and prioritized the building and application of an information oriented and intelligent scenic area. It has committed enormous human and material resources to set up a collaborative office system for the scenic area, an intelligent tourism management and control platform, an official website and a WeChat account, an e-commerce platform and a staggered reservation system, a tourist self-service ticketing system, an intelligent facial recognition ticket verification system, as well as an information and intelligent system that provides LED big screen and information release to achieve intelligent marketing, management and services in the scenic area.


Meanwhile, thanks to internet related systems, Xikou Scenic Area is able to provide technical support for tourist safety, emergency evacuation, as well as rescue command, dispatch and control with maximum carrying capacity so that normal management can be comprehensively integrated with emergency respond management and scenic area management, thus achieving full-process, intelligent, three-dimensional management to better serve visitors.

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