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Panzhihua Intime City is open for business!
Release Date:April 30,2021
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The long-anticipated Sichuan Panzhihua Intime City had a grand opening on April 30.


Located in the highly livable Renhe District of Panzhihua, the 480,000 m2 Panzhihua Intime City, with retail GFA of close to 120,000 m2, is currently the city’s largest urban complex. This one-stop venue comprises a shopping center with a comprehensive range of retail options, a commercial street area, high-end apartments and hotels, adequately meeting local urban lifestyle and commercial needs such as fashion retail, recreation and entertainment, as well as business and office requirements. Panzhihua Intime City boasts over 150 brands and 11 anchor stores, of which 39 brands are new to Panzhihua.


A gigantic skylight, measuring some 1,000 m2, is a highlight of Panzhihua Intime City, and provides 360o natural lighting to a world-class landscaped atrium featuring a fashionable design concept of clean sleek lines, offering shoppers a vast, enjoyable and comfortable retail environment second to none in Southwest Sichuan. A perfect combination of landscaping and commerce is achieved with the ingenious use of dozens of skylit corridors.

This is Yintai Retails’ third project in Southwest China, and fills the local void of large urban complex. As a new concept high-end urban commercial complex with comprehensive functions and an extensive range of commercial activities, Panzhihua Intime City will provide stronger support for promoting improvements in the size and functions of Panzhihua in tandem with refinement of style, and for accelerating the development of central cities in Southwestern Sichuan and Northwestern Yunnan.


Going forward, Yintai Land and Yintai Retails will continue to adhere to the philosophy of “achieving a one-stop urban lifestyle by leading and promoting high-end living aesthetics”. The two entities will continue to work hard to further elevate a city’s commercial standards and regional supporting services, as well as help the consumer sector upgrade.

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