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Chic and exciting! These Yintai malls were more than just bustling during the Labor Day holiday period
Release Date:May 10,2021
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The crowded scenes at all popular tourism cities and scenic areas during the Labor Day holiday period are still fresh in our minds. The aggregate number of visitors welcomed at the many scenic areas under Yintai Tourism such as Yanmen Pass and Xikou doubled from a year ago. To be sure, all our scenic areas adopted multiple precautionary measures to ensure that our visitors enjoyed themselves safely and in an orderly manner.


In addition to outdoor travel, shopping was also the preferred alternative of many.

To better handle peak foot traffic during the Labor Day holiday period, Yintai Retails’ shopping centers organized interesting activities to provide a fun place for urbanites to visit. As a result, our shopping centers performed brilliantly: Sales grew by more than 60% year-on-year, footfall increased by more than 70% year-on-year, and sales per m2 at many of our shopping centers topped commercial malls nationwide.



Yintai in77 by the West Lake was absolutely humming during the Labor Day holiday period, welcoming nearly 2 million visitors and ringing in sales of close to RMB120 million (+60% year-on-year) in just five days.

Panzhihua Intime City, which just opened on April 30, saw sales on May 1 alone exceed RMB10 million. Boasting 39 brands new to the city and more than 150 major brands, it attracted over 120,000 visitors and shoppers. It aims to lead a new commercial trend in Panzhihua, and to become a new generation local shopping venue for the city.



As a high fashion meets streetwear landmark in Southwest China, Yintai in99 achieved year-on-year growth of more than 166% over the Labor Day holiday period. The inaugural Southwest China National Geographic Photographs Exhibition held at in99 added to its influence in the Southwest region.


Elsewhere, Yintai in88 (Wangfujing, Beijing), Hangzhou Intime City and Chengdu Intime City, among others, saw sales increased by more than 20% year-on-year.

In addition to meeting the needs of shoppers, Yintai’s shopping centers and complexes around the country also integrated the unique features and requirements of their resident cities to plan and organize various activities with distinct themes, rich content, and that were fun to watch and join in for shoppers and visitors. These included inspirational living festivals, on-site concerts, Honor of Kings and Game for Peace competitions, “Care and Concern for Street Angels” philanthropic event ...... bringing non-stop new vitality and joy to the cities. In addition to play and shopping, Yintai Group is becoming more deeply connected with urban living.



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