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LV Annual Exhibition Opens in Hangzhou Hubin Yintai in77
Release Date:May 15,2021
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In May 2021, following the opening of the 2020 Wuhan exhibition, Louis Vuitton's "SEE LV" has been unveiled in the second stop of its global tour in Hangzhou. Mixing Louis Vuitton's archival objects with recent creations, the exhibition allows visitors to delve deep into the universe of Louis Vuitton through immersive and interactive digital experiences.


 The exhibition is divided into five exhibition areas, bringing together the remarkable collections of modern collections, early 20th century trunks, artistic collaborations and iconic leather creations.



An entire wall displays the Louis Vuittons handbags of its classic handbag series, from Steamer to Speedy, from Noé to Twist. With a photo wall of Kris Wu, Yifei Liu, Alicia Vikander and all other celebrities styling their favorite handbags, the handbag legend exhibition area allows the visitors to glimpse the shines of the brand with all the super stars.




 The next exhibition area is about the Louis Vuitton's classic travel product - the evolution journey, which retrospects the changes that Louis Vuitton has created to peoples way of travelling time after time. In the LV exhibition area, the legendary history of the iconic Monogram pattern of Louis Vuitton is being told; the timeless legend that has gone through all the reinterpretations since its conception.



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