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Qiandao Lake Intime City (Xincheng) Officially Launched its Investment Promotion
Release Date:May 19,2021
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Recently, Qiandao Lake Intime City (Xincheng) has officially launched its investment promotion, and held the "Taiyue Mansion Inlife Lifestyle Conference".


 In December 2019, Qiandao Lake opened  its first Intime City. In 2020, the prosperity is continuing on growing. The second Intime City in Qiandao Lake, Qiandao Lake Intime City (Xincheng), has officially started construction. This is also the second Yintai commercial complex of Yintai Land Group that locates in a 5A-level scenic spot after Hangzhou Hubin Yintai in77.

Qiandao Lake Intime City (Xincheng), inspired by natural landscape and following the concept of "people", connects the spaces of residence, shopping, leisure, and ecology and brings the "big city era" to Qiandao Lake. At the same time, the "Taiyue Mansion Inlife Lifestyle Conference" has also presented a brand-new picture of the future urban life in Qiandao Lake.

As the residential area of Qiandao Lake Intime City (Xincheng), Qingxi New Town where Taiyue Mansion is located is the strategic core of the development of Qiandao Lake. It is an urban area of "industry integration", as well as an entry to the entire city which represents its image. The arrival of this 400,000-square-meter super complex will also boost the development of Qingxi New Town.



For a long time, Yintai Land Group has been committed to the development and management of large-scale urban complexes such as high-end shopping malls, top hotels, high-end office buildings, and high-end residences. For this time, Qiandao Lake Intime City (Xincheng) is bringing over a unique lifestyle to Qiandao Lake - inlife one-stop life. The brand-new Qiandao Lake International BLOCK offers one-stop "dining and shopping” next door to your house. There will be cultural tourism centers, public spaces, Ferris wheels, etc. It will become an all-time hotspot and start a fantastic journey in the city.

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