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Yintai Group's Campus Recruitment 2021 Enters Major Universities in Beijing
Release Date:May 20,2021
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In May, the spring campus recruitment 2021 of Yintai Group officially opened. Lately, Yintai Group has stepped into many prestigious universities of Beijing and had close communication with the teachers and students. Through all the introductions, presentations and interactions, people get to know more about Yintai and feel closer to it. 


The Yintai Group has always attached great importance to training and development of young talents. The Management Trainee Program is a special training program for outstanding fresh graduates, aimed at discovering, training and selecting talents. In the spring campus recruitment 2021, Yintai Group has received great support from many universities. Through active communication with teachers, deepening its understanding in the education philosophy and students’ career preferences, as well as the new model of school-enterprise cooperation, the group has been strongly assisted in further discovering talents and promoting its brand image as an employer.


From May 18th to 19th, Yintai Group entered Renmin University of China and University of International Business and Economics. In the recruitment talk of management trainees, Yintai Group introduced the Group's business layout, corporate culture, talent growth system and management trainee development plan etc. Based on the topics of concern to the students, the management of the Group conducted great interactions and sharing. In the event, many students submitted their resumes through the online application system and expressed their passion for the job to our Yintai staff. 

At the moment, the spring campus recruitment of Yintai Group is still ongoing. The next stop is Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, continuing on showing the charm of Yintai Group to more teachers and students and attracting more outstanding talents.


At the same time, Yintai Group will also carry out a number of corporate open day activities - "Meeting Yintai''. By then, outstanding students and university teachers will be invited to experience the business of Yintai Group through various forms such as project visits and interactions with senior members, to closely observe the business development and corporate culture of the Group.


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