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Yintai Group Holds Campus Recruitment 2021 Corporate Open Day
Release Date:May 21,2021
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In the days of expressing love, Yintai Group had its fruitful corporate open day for the first time. From May 20th to May 21st, Yintai Group held two corporate open days for campus recruitment 2021, visited by students and teachers from different prestigious Beijing universities such as Guanghua School of Management of Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, University of International Business and Economics and so on. This is another blockbuster event after the "Entering University" promotion talk of Yintai Group's campus recruitment - inviting teachers and students to visit Yintai.



The open days had a very packed schedule, including corporate development introduction, corporate project visits, interactions with the management seniors etc., allowing teachers and students to fully understand Yintai from different aspects and experience the corporate culture on the spot.



The teachers and students visited the office buildings of Beijing Yintai Center under Yintai Group, commerces and hotels, as well as the office floors of Yintai Gold Group and Yintai Group headquarter. After that, the senior management team of Yintai Group conducted an in-depth talk to exchange with the visitors.



In the talk, Yintai Group expressed a warm welcome to the visiting teachers and students, and introduced the development history, business layout, development prospects, corporate culture, and talent views of the Group. Young people are always welcome to join. With the consistent achievements and the support of diversified sections, Yintai Group is able to provide young people with valuable opportunities and a great platform to grow.



"Previously, the impression of Yintai was more commercialized. But now I realised that there are actually many aspects that we don't know about and they are also growing fast." Qing Mengyu, a finance graduate from Tsinghua University pointed out that the visit has deepened her understanding of Yintai’s business layout. The interactions with senior management have also helped to clear up the planning and goals for personal career development in the future.

"The overall arrangement of this corporate open day event is surprising, and the entire event has very rich and meaningful content. We can totally see that the company attaches great importance to talents and gives employees enough space to grow. The atmosphere of corporate culture is particularly good," Li Jing, deputy director of the Career Development Center of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, said so when talking about her feelings about the open day event.


The "Meeting Yintai" corporate open day has brought students and the corporate closer, and planted the “seed” of Yintai in the heart of many young people. We believe that at some point in the future, this seed will slowly break through the ground and grow vigorously.

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