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The Yintai Group visits Zhejiang University in its 2021 management trainee recruitment drive
Release Date:May 25,2021
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On May 24th, the Yintai Group visited Zhejiang University in its 2021 management trainee recruitment drive, interacting with the University’s teaching staff and students on talent training and corporate development. This followed earlier endeavors by the Group to attract outstanding talents from universities such as the Renmin University of China and the University of International Business and Economics.


The development of the Group is inseparable from Zhejiang province. The Group opened its first department store in 1998. The store located in Wulin Square in Hangzhou quickly grew into a national benchmark for department store retail. Today, Hubin Yintai in77 has become the leader of the retail culture in the country with its grand operation scale, high footfall, wide range of fashion brands, and the most fashion-forward trend culture.


In addition to Yintai Retails’ retail business, the Intime Cities developed and constructed by Yintai Land serve as hubs for high-end lifestyles across Zhejiang, while the Xikou Scenic Area and Fangyan Scenic Area invested and operated by Yintai Tourism have become the premiere choice for travel and leisure, and the investment and financial businesses jointly initiated and established by the Yintai Group, such as Cainiao and MYBank, have become representatives of emerging economies and continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of Zhejiang's physical industry.


Zhejiang has become the province with the richest business layout in terms of Yintai's retail, real estate, investment and finance and tourism operations. Zhejiang has always been near and dear to the Group, and the Group welcomes the province’s outstanding students with open arms.


In its 2021 management trainee recruitment drive, the Group actively communicated with teachers to gain a deep understanding of the education philosophies of universities, student career outlook and new school-enterprise cooperation models.

The recruitment drive is now in full swing. Throughout history, Zhejiang has been producing many talents, and we sincerely welcome talents in all domains to seek development and career advancement with us.

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