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Experts from Judge Panel of CBD Building Alliance Visited Beijing Yintai Centre
Release Date:June 4,2021
Release Media:609

On June 2, the experts from judge panel of the CBD Building Alliance visited Beijing Yintai Centre to conduct on-site assessment and review of the 2020 CBD building quality grading evaluation.


The experts group visited the management areas of Beijing Yintai Centre's peripheral parks, parking lots, facilities and equipments rooms, as well as public areas of Yintai office building, vacant units, refuge floors and other areas. The heads of each management area of Yintai Centre provided detailed introduction to the experts group.


Subsequently, the experts group had a discussion with the management team of Beijing Yintai Real Estate Co., Ltd., exchanged opinions on all the discoveries of the on-site inspection, and highly affirmed the overall quality of Beijing Yintai Centre.



Beijing Yintai Centre was awarded the Beijing CBD Building Quality Certification as a Six-Star Super Class-A Building in 2018. In the future, we will continue to build high-quality commercial buildings in the CBD area, and to provide our tenants with extraordinary and professional property management services.

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