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Hangzhou Intime City Party Committee named Hangzhou Advanced Grassroots Party Organization
Release Date:June 28,2021
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Hangzhou recently held a ceremony to commend “outstanding Party members, exemplary Party workers, and advanced grassroots Party organizations”. At the ceremony, Hangzhou Intime City Party Committee was awarded the title “Hangzhou Advanced Grassroots Party Organization”.


Centered on Hangzhou Intime City, Hangzhou Intime City Party Committee is an integrated business district Party Committee that also has neighboring office buildings and communities under its ambit. In 2020, the Hangzhou Intime City Service Center for Party and Masses’ Affairs was transformed and upgraded. The Home for Party and Masses’ Affairs and Home for Enterprises were added, and the coverage and influence of the scope of base services and jointly established alliances expanded, achieving significant interconnectivity and joint development with Intime City’s neighboring business districts. It was precisely this that the Hangzhou Intime City Service Center for Party and Masses’ Affairs was rated Outstanding Service Center for the Party and Masses’ Affairs in Hangzhou.


In the last few years, Hangzhou Intime City Party Committee, a model for exploring Party building at Hangzhou’s complexes, had often been rated as outstanding Party organization by the organizational department of its local district committee and Party Working Committee of the neighborhood.


Taking its own professional characteristics into account, Hangzhou Intime City Party Committee has further raised the overall quality of Party members, increased service awareness and capabilities, and brought into play Party building in commercial complexes in the areas of merchant cohesion, customer focus, and development promotion. It has feasibly combined Party member activities with corporate operations, and called on all Party members to actively take part in volunteer services so that a positive image of Party members may be established through concrete action. It has provided guidance to Party members to continue to increase their sense of responsibility as well as innovation and service awareness, and has leveraged the organizational advantages of a Party organization and the role Party members play as vanguards.

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