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Let's welcome our new recruits!
Release Date:July 13,2021
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It’s July, the height of summer.

We welcome our 2021 management trainees, all brimming with enthusiasm and vitality.

They bring with them a positive vision of the future.

They are now officially a part of Yintai Group.


Yintai Group will conduct an on-boarding program for its new staff in Beijing and Hangzhou between July 12th and 16th to help them better integrate into a new company and a new environment quickly, and gain a deeper understanding of the core businesses and corporate culture of the Group. The 2021 management trainee on-boarding program will kick off on the morning of July 12th with a ceremony to welcome the recruits at the Group’s headquarters in Beijing.


Yintai’s senior management and some of the business mentor representatives will attend the opening ceremony, and welcome the new staff. They will present the “first on-boarding class” to the recruits by sharing their own experience.


Twenty-three management trainees from Yintai Group’s headquarters as well as Yintai Retails, Yintai Land, Yintai investment & Finance and Yintai Property will gather in Beijing to take part in this on-boarding exercise.








Sneak peek of exciting activities

During the five-day training program, the management trainees will take part in ice breaker activities at Beijing Jingzhihu training base so that they can get to know each other quickly. They will attend systematic training sessions to enable job rotation at the workplace. There will also be various light military exercises such as quick march and team contests (rope climbing, obstacle course, spear throwing ). Let your bodies move in the heat of summer! The recruits will also have the opportunity to visit the Group’s various projects in Hangzhou on July 14th. What interesting events will they experience? Stay tuned.






Yintai’s on-boarding program

Yintai Group’s 2021 on-boarding program for management trainees recruited on campus is aimed at developing a pool of future managers for the Group. With a clear promotion and incentive mechanism, and a distinct career path in place, the future looks bright!


Changing new roles

Embarking on a new journey

Building new dreams

Let’s welcome the 23 recruits to the Yintai family!

We look forward to an even brighter future for Yintai with you!

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