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All ready to set sail!
Release Date:July 21,2021
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Between July 12th and 16th,

from Beijing to Hangzhou,

from torrential rain to sunny weather,

the recruits had a meaningful, joyful and fruitful on-boarding program.

Let's look back at 

some of the exciting moments of the training program.


The first lesson

On the first day of the on-boarding program,

Yintai's senior management and some of the business mentor representatives

extended a warm welcome to the management trainees,

and shared their personal experience,

presenting a valuable "first lesson" to the newcomers.



Ice breakers and blending in

23 young people from across the country 

gathered at the Group's headquarters for a common goal.

In the beginning, they didn't know each other very well.

Try as they might, they couldn't remember each other's names quickly enough.

As the ice breakers continued,

along with the beat of African dance music,

we became less inhibited, and gelled with one another.




Training and enabling 

Newcomers to the workplace, do you lack

professional career competency

and communication skills?

No problem!

A structured mindset will allow you to think with greater clarity

and express yourself more emphatically!

Your professional quality will go UP! UP! UP!




Military training

Quick march, line disciplinary training, rope climbing, and obstacle course.

We showed we could go beyond our personal limitations in these challenging activities.

Working as a team, we boldly forge ahead to build an awesome team spirit.


Project visit

The project visit gave us deeper appreciation and knowledge of the Group's business.

The Hangzhou Tonglu project, still under construction, left the biggest impression.



At the height of summer under the scorching sun,

Hangzhou's surface temperature was close to 40oC.

Yintai's construction workers remained hard at work on the frontline.

Each brick, each tile, each chisel, each layer. 

More than building a happy life for an individual,

they are building the future of Yintai Group!



Team performance

Before we knew it, it was the final day of the on-boarding program.

That day, Yintai Group's senior management presented certificates of completion to the management trainees, and

earnestly instructed the Yintai'ers who were about to embark on their new working life.

The newcomers summarized the fruits of their five-day study program with a rich and colorful team performance.




The 2021 management trainee on-boarding training program

concluded successfully amid the happy end-of-program performance.

Going forward, under the leadership of senior colleagues, 

we look forward to them braving the winds and waves,

and forging ahead while staying true to themselves,

creating new miracles for Yintai together.

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