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Xinxiang, here we come!
Release Date:July 23,2021
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“Emergency in Xinxiang! Please help! Disseminate now!”

Record-breaking torrential rain pummeled Xinxiang in Henan Province, flooding the urban districts of Xinxiang and Weihui. The worsening disaster attracted widespread attention.



During severe rainstorms, some infectious diseases could be easily transmitted via mosquitoes and germs. External injuries could also become infected after being immersed in contaminated water over long periods of time because waterlogged surfaces after a heavy downpour are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Demand for pharmaceuticals was thus expected to increase rapidly. Yintai quickly procured multiple batches of topical antiseptic for the skin as well as flu and fever medication for children and adults. At this time, ongoing shipments are being made to Weihui, Xinxiang, Gongyi and other disaster-hit areas in Henan Province.




Canoes, urgently required locally, have already been procured, and are waiting to be loaded and shipped to the Weihui City flood prevention command center.

Henan, help is on the way!

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