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100 canoes to the rescue!
Release Date:July 24,2021
Release Media:528

“Xinxiang needs canoes and assault boats urgently!” This was the strongest cry for help on the internet yesterday.

“Most have been relocated but canoes are still very much in need. Only vessels like this can access certain areas.” After finding out the specific state of Xinxiang from flood relief frontline workers, Yintai Foundation staff immediately looked for canoe manufacturers closest to Henan Province. When one manufacturer did not have enough supply, a second, third and even fourth were found to meet quick delivery demand!

Finally, the third batch of supplies comprising 100 canoes with carrying capacity of 6-10 people per vessel were shipped to Xinxiang at nightfall!



At noon on July 24th, these canoes would have arrived at Weihui City in Xinxiang to rescue those who were trapped.

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