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No let-up on COVID-19 precautions at Beijing Yintai Centre
Release Date:August 5,2021
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Without prior notification or listening to reports, Cui Xiaohao, member of the standing committee of the Chaoyang District Party committee, executive deputy district mayor of the district government, and director of the CBD management committee, conducted an unaccompanied and unannounced check of the implementation of COVID-19 prevention and control of the office buildings in the CBD on August 4th.

Cui said that the responsible entities must have an in-depth understanding of the new characteristics of the current wave of the pandemic, and regard this as a significant priority, and be hypervigilant and very responsible. The government, buildings and enterprises must interact on a real-time basis and enforce “four-party accountability”  without any let-up on COVID-19 precautions so as to ensure public safety.

22.jpgAt the China World Trade Center and Beijing Yintai Centre, Cui performed spot checks on the entry-exit scanning and temperature check status, one-meter safe distancing setup, disinfection of elevators and other public areas, as well as mask-wearing by the public, among others, and visited corporate tenants, inquiring about their COVID-19 prevention status.


Beijing Yintai Centre uses quaternary ammonium compound (QAC) disinfectants, which form a positively charged nano film on the surface of objects that lasts 30 days. The electrostatic power of these disinfectants attracts surrounding negatively charged viruses and bacteria, making the disinfectants effective, safe and long-lasting.


Cui said that buildings and enterprises should be vigilant at all times, and no one should rely on luck or let down their guard. “Four-party accountability” must be enforced, and social supervision reinforced. All precautionary and control measures must be implemented to the last detail and put in place. These steps will help ensure public safety, and security and order in the district.

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