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Shen Guojun invited to become the first Chinese entrepreneur member of the Friends of Ocean Action
Release Date:August 27,2021
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The World Economic Forum’s 2021 Ocean Action roundtable was held in Beijing on August 25th and 26th. Mr. Shen Guojun, the Founder and Chairman of Yintai Group, Founder and Honorary Chairman of Yintai Foundation, and Executive Chairman of the Paradise International Foundation, was invited to attend and deliver a speech at the roundtable as the first Chinese entrepreneur member of the Friends of Ocean Action.



Co-hosted by the World Economic Forum and the Friends of Ocean Action, the forum brought together marine participants from different fields in China to jointly discuss how governments, enterprises, academia and other parties can work together for the protection of marine biodiversity and the health and prosperity of the ocean in the era of ecological civilization and carbon neutrality.



Mr. Shen, who grew up by the sea, has a strong sense of connection to the ocean and has a deep feeling about the ecological changes and protection of he ocean. He expressed his great pleasure to join the Friends of Ocean Action, and hoped that exchanges and learning with experts, scholars and officials of the Friends of Ocean Action will benefit Chinese non-profit organizations that are concerned about the ocean. He also looks forward to playing an active role for the Friends of Ocean Action going forward and participating more in ecological and environmental protection and marine-related activities.


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Under the guidance and promotion of Mr. Shen, Yintai Group and Yintai Foundation have been paying close attention to and supporting ecological protection for a long time, recognizing the importance of marine protection, and carrying out a series of philanthropic activities centering on marine protection and education.

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