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Yintai Foundation joins Beijing Chaoyang Charity Association and is elected a council member
Release Date:September 2,2021
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At the recent first general meeting of members of the 4th session of the Beijing Chaoyang Charity Association, Yintai Foundation became an official member of the Association, and was elected a council member.


Li Wanjun, Secretary of the Social Work Commission of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the CPC, Director General of Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, and President of Capital Philanthropy Federation, attended the meeting, and said that the Chaoyang Charity Association has actively contributed to the buoyant development of philanthropic undertakings in the capital. He hoped that the Association will continue to expand its effort in supporting charitable causes, increase publicity about philanthropy, and build itself up further so as to contribute more to Beijing’s works of charity.

Chen Tao, the newly elected President of the Chaoyang Charity Association, said that the Association will use this change of office as an opportunity to adopt new ideas, change its style, and achieve transformational development. It will continue to expand its effort in supporting charitable causes, and promote innovative development of philanthropic undertakings in Chaoyang District.

Yintai Foundation has, since its inception, promoted the development of strategic public interest and philanthropic undertakings based on the public interest concept of platform thinking and shared value. It was the first in China to sponsor and establish a master’s program in social enterprise management to develop senior talent in the public interest and philanthropic sector. In the field of ecological and environmental conservation, the Foundation funds public nature reserves, and is the sponsor of the “Blue Pioneers” program to develop ocean conservation talent. It also supports academic research and the grooming of young scholars in the study of modern and contemporary Chinese history. In terms of livelihood assistance and support, it has contributed to COVID-19 prevention and control, as well as disaster relief, and helping lift Zhenxiong County in Yunnan Province out of poverty, among others.

Upon joining the Chaoyang Charity Association, Yintai Foundation will continue to adhere to the philosophy of “platform thinking and shared value”, actively expand project collaboration, and leverage its resource advantages to contribute to the development of public welfare undertakings.

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