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Gentle Monster’s "Finite Time and Space" opens at in01,Beijing Yintai Centre
Release Date:September 2,2021
Release Media:414

Gentle Monster officially launched its "Finite Time and Space" concept at in01 Beijing Yintai Centre recently, and unveiled the brand's first collection of glasses.


The enormous face of a robot installation greets you as you enter  the "Finite Time and Space". Swiveling leisurely, it watches each corner of the space. This juxtaposition of static space and dynamic installation creates a strong visual impact. Behind the robotic face, a visual spectacle showcasing the new “GENTLE” collection plays continuously. A variety of characters are featured in turn, and the "diverse" visual themes are extended and transformed amid the change.


Then, a fish, swimming idly, appears on the screen. This is an image in “TRUTH OR DARE”, a film by artist Jonas Lindstroem.


On the day of the opening, Gentle Monster also unveiled the brand's first collection of glasses centered on “GENTLE”, one half of its brand name as its concept. It will be featured in this place until the end of October. The interaction and experience of new products and space allow visitors to think about diverse individual identities.

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