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CLUB ME officially opens at Beijing Yintai Centre
Release Date:September 3,2021
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CLUB ME officially opened at Beijing Yintai Centre on September 3. The Club operates on an integrated cultural concept of four functional segments comprising pop, hip hop, Michelin restaurant and pool party. This is where individuality is the emphasis, “me” is pursued, and meeting the diverse needs of consumers, the ultimate goal. This new urban entertainment landmark is the vanguard of Beijing’s entertainment lifestyle. Come and discover!

CLUB ME - POP ROOM. The close to 500m2 space features an ingenious twin-stage design. With pop elements as its main theme, a myriad of pop music genres and different ways of entertainment are available here. You can interact with your favorite producer up close and personal. Come discover this immersive experience.

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OWL - HIPHOP ROOM. Once an underground subculture, hip hop music has made it to the rankings of major pop music charts. Here, you can truly let your hair down and satisfy your love for hip hop amid high-energy blasts of hip hop hits all night long.

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PARTY K BOXXX - Private Domain. Hidden gems can be found in this aerial courtyard manor. With five thematic styles and customized personalized parties, this is a private and high-class setting. What are you waiting for? Bring your personal secret world to life now.

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ILES By Me. Savor a variety of cuisines prepared by Michelin chefs, and enjoy afternoon tea with wine at leisure at this meticulously designed outdoor pool restaurant set in an aerial courtyard manor in the CBD surrounded by tropical plants. Tranquility amid urban chaos. Enjoy your unique corner away from work.

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Our common interests and passions have brought us together. CLUB ME will add another place of gathering to this city, initiate new entertainment domains, and create infinite entertainment value in a finite space. Everything is ready. Come discover the most perfect side of ME at its opening!

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