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Supreme People’s Court replies to Shen Guojun’s 2021 CPPCC proposals
Release Date:September 6,2021
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The Supreme People’s Court recently replied to the Proposal for Further Addressing Legacy Issues Disregarded by New Officials and Normalizing Government-Enterprise Collaboration submitted by Shen Guojun during the two sessions (annual sessions of the NPC and CPPCC) earlier this year. Shen is a CPPCC member, as well as Founder and Chairman of Yintai Group. The reply stated that the “issues reflected in the proposal are relevant, and the recommendations, pertinent. We fully agree with the proposal, and will adopt measures to improve, refine and reinforce the relevant tasks.”

Committee member Shen highlighted in the proposal that private enterprises had, in the course of their development, encountered in varying degrees, issues such as government commitments or agreements that have yet to, been slow to or failed to materialize, as well as difficulties in executing government projects and getting paid, in recent years. As such, he proposed that judicial efficiency and judgment enforcement efforts in administrative lawsuits be improved at the judicial level.

The Office of the Supreme People’s Court responded positively to this proposal, and indicated that it would address the issues reflected in the proposal as follows:

1. The case registration and filing system for accepting cases will be rigorously enforced, and the one-stop litigation service system will be further developed. Channels that safeguard the right of litigants to appeal will be better facilitated. All administrative litigation cases involving private enterprises will be accepted according to the law so as to provide more efficient judicial services to private enterprises.

2. Hearings of administrative cases involving private enterprises, particularly those that pertain to administrative agreements such as investment promotion and franchises will be enhanced. It will encourage governments to deliver on their commitments, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights of the parties to the contract as well as other interested parties.

3. Judgment enforcement efforts will be enhanced. Courts nationwide will ensure that they adhere rigorously to the goal of “earnestly resolving execution difficulties”, and will continue to intensify case enforcement efforts, ensuring that the rights of private as well as small and medium-sized enterprises that have succeeded in their lawsuits will be realized promptly. The courts will also work hard to create a more standardized and law-based business environment.

As a member of the CPPCC National Committee, Shen said that he will continue to serve as a bridge and a link between the government and the people, and the government and enterprises, and convey the voice of frontline businesses, conscientiously performing the sacred duty the Party and government assigned him, and promoting sound industry sustainability and growth.

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