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Shen Guojun Scholarship awarded for the eighth year at Ningbo Fenghua No. 2 High School on the first day of school
Release Date:September 7,2021
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Ningbo Fenghua No. 2 High School held a ceremony for the first day of the new academic year in the afternoon of September 3. For the eighth year in a row, the Shen Guojun Scholarship was presented to outstanding students and teachers at the first-day-of-school ceremony. This year, a total of 139 students and teachers of the High School were the recipients of the scholarship and teaching award.


Shen Guojun has always cared deeply about his native hometown, and has actively promoted the development of the local economy and society, as well as public welfare causes. He has made many charitable donations to help ecological and environmental protection as well as nurture talent, among others.


In December 2012, on the 60th anniversary of the founding of his alma mater, Fenghua No. 2 High School, Shen Guojun established the Shen Guojun Scholarship and Teaching Award to reward students with excellent academic performance and teachers with outstanding teaching achievements at the High School. A total of 1187 outstanding students and teachers have been the recipients of the Shen Guojun Scholarship and Teaching Award since these were first established.

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