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Beijing Yintai Centre presents “Meet Chagall: Love and Color”
Release Date:October 19,2021
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The “Meet Chagall: Love and Color” Exhibition opened at Beijing Yintai Centre in01 on October 17, coinciding with the official launch of the first offline Meet You Museum exhibition hall at in01.


On the back of Chagall’s artwork and achievements, a diverse range of cultural activities will be held in conjunction with the exhibition, including aesthetics education, concerts, and lectures by experts. The exhibition aims to convey how fascinating art can be to the masses through Chagall’s masterpieces. In particular, visitors can feast their eyes on 155 classic artwork.


This exhibition is jointly sponsored by Beijing China Cultural Tourism And Creativity Co., Ltd. and Beijing Yintai Property Co., Ltd., and organized by Meet You Museum. The art pieces are authorized and certified by the Marc Chagall Committee, and the exhibition’s non-profit partners are Tencent Charitable Foundation and Yintai Foundation.

Located at the heart of the CDB area, Beijing Yintai Centre is one of the most high-end urban complexes in Beijing well known to the masses. The opening of Meet Your Museum’s In Space is an active response to the call of the Chaoyang District government and CBD management committee to create a fashion frontier for opening up to the outside world and international cultural exchange for Beijing.

Marc Chagall, born in 1887 to a poor Jewish family in Belarus, experienced two world wars during his lifetime and lived the life of a wanderer, moving between his hometown Vitebsk, Saint Petersburg, New York and Paris. His artistic creations are a manifestation of his inner poetic force rather than a reflection of the logical rules of painting, and are a perfect combination of images from personal experience, and formal symbolism and aesthetic elements.

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